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Hi! I'm H.N. James, but you can call me "H"

I'm a music and portrait photographer living and working near Nashville, TN. I'll dance to anything by Depeche Mode, and most days you can find me rockin' out to music in my living room or office. Music is my favorite thing in the world, and photography is a mighty close second.

Punk Rock Photography is my approach to making photographs.  Like punk musicians, I follow a no-rules, do-it-yourself, question-everything method of moving through the world, seeing the world, and photographing the world and the people in it. 

I create photographs for people who want to see themselves, or their lives, differently. I aim to show the essence of people in a surprising way - people are complex, and I use photography to provide an opportunity to unapologetically express who they are. Real people being real. No matter the subject, I try to bring the same fresh, no-rules clear seeing to the session. We have a lot of fun that way!

Why don't you take a picture, it'll last longer. - punk outside a San Francisco club.

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