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Feb 24, 2020

#guitarmonday: Everything is Wrong (except for when it isn't) edition

#guitarmonday! In the pouring down rain.

And yesterday I had that doomy feeling that everything is wrong, but today only 75% of everything is wrong. I like that statistic better. Here's your song!

God, I love Interpol.

Saturday night I was out at the East Room in Nashville, for a super-cool night of Nashville rock and roll bands.

Super-talented 70s-esque The Garden of Eden:

And then awesome rockers The Weird Sisters took to the stage. They've long been on my list, but I hadn't seen them until now. I look forward to the next time, for sure!

The A-OKs finished out the night for us with their high-energy rock!

But that's not all, my friends! I went to Sad Girl Music night for a short time yesterday afternoon and caught an on-fire set by Lord Goldie!

I've got more to show you, of course, because it's been a busy few weeks. It'll have to wait, though, for other blog posts. And tomorrow night I'm doing something REALLY cool, so stay tuned for the run-down on that.

Be excellent to each other this week.

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