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Jan 13, 2018
Frequently Asked Questions #1

It's frickin' cold here in Tennessee, and we had what passes for a snowstorm in these parts in the past two days. So while I'm hunkered down at home here's a song for you that's all about this. Or maybe it isn't.

In this first installment of Frequently Asked Questions about Punk Rock Photography, I am not starting with the MOST frequently asked question. I'm saving that one. So here's the second most frequently asked question:

So, you photograph punks, then? 
(or a variation)
I went to your website and didn't see any photographs of punks?

Welp. Yes, I do photograph punks, but they are elusive in the wild. I do not ONLY photograph punks. It is important work, photographing punks, and they come in many variations. Punk Rock Photography refers to my approach to photography - DIY, raw, honest. Sometimes that features what the mainstream associates with "punk", sometimes it does not.  Punk is not just mohawks, ripped clothes, & safety pins. As Joey Ramone once said, "All punk is attitude. That's what makes it. The attitude."

I photograph musicians when commissioned to do so, and I would  like to do more of that. See my page Blitzkrig Bop for examples, here: Blitzkrieg Bop.

Regarding the variant question: well,  I am the punk in Punk Rock Photography. And here's a photo of my punk friend Liz for good measure.