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Apr 02, 2018
#guitarmonday: April Woke Up Too Early edition

#guitarmonday already.

My dog, Blixa von Blixenstein III (Destroyer of Worlds - retired) woke me around 4:30 a.m. today to take him out for a stroll in the rain, so the day's moving before I was ready. We're also moving residences this week, with attendant feelings of excitement and dread, anxiety and panic, and being ready but never being ready.

So, life as usual. I need fast music for today, and probably all week. So here's some Dream Wife for you - I've listened to this song like five times in a row this morning. Shut up.

And here's a few photos of lady musicians who rock, whether their instruments are voice, guitar, bass, or all of the above. You know I'm all about the ladies who rock (and want to photograph more, always and forever). Also, I got to spend some time with my friend  Jane Rose last week, which always makes me feel peppier. Photos below: Cara Lippman of Cara Being Blue, and Jane Rose.