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Apr 17, 2019
#guitarmonday on a Wednesday - Abbattoir Blues edition

#guitarmonday rolls in later this week because of a busy weekend and a need for sleep.

Your song this week is by your friend and mine, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds. I once named a photograph after this song.

Last week I photographed a show on Thursday (2 bands) and a show on Saturday (4 bands!) so I've got a bumper crop of photos for you today. 

Last week I also had what I would call "The Full-Time Artist Blues" - we all get 'em from time to time. It usually signals a need for rest and refilling the well, so I did that earlier this week. And slept most of yesterday morning. 

On to the crop! Thursday night I went to The 5Spot and photographed The Katies and The Dead Deads! I was especially hyped to see the Dead Deads play because I photographed Daisy Dead last year for my #punknashville series. 

The Katies - https://soundcloud.com/the-katies

They were super-good!

The Dead Deads! - https://thedeaddeads.com/

Saturday's show at The Cobra was a feast of amazing sounds: Black Moon Mother, Soviet//Shiksa, Fable Cry, and Chattanooga's Genki Genki Panic.

Black Moon Mother - Nashville's own Doom Gaze band: https://blackmoonmother.weebly.com/

Genki Genki Panic - (mostly) instrumental post apocalyptic surf punk from Chattanooga. https://genkigenkipanic.bandcamp.com/

Soviet//Shiksa -gothic americana.  https://sovietshiksa.com/

Fable Cry - theatrical scamp/cabaret rock! https://fablecry.bandcamp.com/

In other news, my friends, I'll be photographing stuff at The Nashville Boogie in May - music & fashion & vintage, oh my! So there will be a significant round-up to look forward to.       

Be excellent to each other this week and weekend.