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Sep 24, 2018
#guitarmonday: Rainy Monday edition

#guitarmonday is on Monday, and it's supposed to rain all day.

Which makes it an administrative day for me, work-wise. Your song this week is by Nashville's excellent garage-rock band, The Tenders. I think we can mostly agree that the world seems a bit dark, tumultuous and sucky right now.

I'm feeling a bit wordless, and then I remember that I've done many things in the past month and I've been braining intensely working on my Urban Goddesses Part I show - it goes up on Sunday! Since I can't quite find words to express the state of things at the moment, I'll let these photos from the past month speak for me!

I'm reminded of the words from one of my favorite episodes of the show Absolutely Fabulous, "Birth" - 

"... endless stream of old music, new music, old, new, fashion, music, music, music, music. It's like a mirrorball spinning around inside my head. Why won't it just stop?"

"For most people at your age it does."

(Naw, not quite ready for it to stop.)

Be excellent to each other this week, and don't let the bastards grind you down.