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Dec 10, 2018
#guitarmonday: I Have the Heart of a Dog edition

#guitarmonday: Heart of a dog, I'm loyal, oh oh

Your song this week is by The Kills.

Let's look at some adorable dogs and cats I've photographed, shall we? I think we'll all feel better if we do.

Starting with the four I photographed this past weekend when I did Holiday Pet Portraits! J.D., Rhett, Pepper, and Mr. Nibs.

And a few from last year's Santa Paws parade & pet portraits! Daisy, Gunner, Jaxx, Livvy, Oakley, and Vader.

 I photographed some cats at the  Goathouse Refuge in North Carolina last fall.

And my friend artist Kent Latimer's three cats: Elsa, Soft Kitty, and Miss Wags.

I like to photograph my friends' dogs,  like Winston and Islay.

I just love companion animals!

It's not animal-related, but my Urban Goddesses 2019 calendar is halfway to sold out! 25 left. Snag one here or message me!

Urban Goddesses 2019 calendar

Be excellent to each other, and your animal friends, this week.