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Nov 26, 2018
#guitarmonday: light in the darkness edition

#guitarmonday: Low Light and More

Your song this week is by Garbage - "Blackout" keeps crossing my path, in my car or on my I-pod or in I-tunes, so it's the song for Guitar Monday this week.

Everbody "knows" that photography is about light, but that's a lesson that becomes really clear when dealing with low-light conditions. I've enjoyed shooting at night a little bit, but when I began photographing live music I started to get comfortable with low and colored light. It really began before that, when I photographed a few events like Nashville Cares' "Avant Garde: Neverland" event.

Last year I went to the China Lights exhibit with a friend, and we had a splendid time photographing the lights and exhibit before and during twilight and then after dark.

I also photographed the holiday lights at Cheekwood Estate & Gardens.

Concert and live music photography gives me even more practice with different kinds of light and darkness.

I used to say that I never truly knew light in my life until I embraced and accepted my darkness. I maintain that this is true, and as I've become a photographic artist I'm more sensitive than ever to light, shadow, and darkness.

We are in the seasons of less light, now. I have fewer hours of available light during the day so must do what I can in the low light, stage light or with artificial studio light. My practice these past two years will help with this creatively and hopefully metaphorically too.

I have a few more things to do yet this calendar year, but I am already thinking of what my work and projects will be in the next. While in some ways it doesn't pay to make rigid plans because my work has its own logic and rules, it doesn't hurt to think and dream and imagine.

One of my goals for the next year is to continue to practice making good images (for MY values of "good") in low light conditions, to study different types of light and learn how to deal with them.

And to be a light in the darkness.

Be excellent to each other this week.