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"Made of punk rock and earthquakes" - Random Internet Quiz

"More fun than a trio of cocker spaniels with an ice cream cone" - Joseph Alexander

"H tells a story
That the heart tries to hide
The pictures don't lie
The pictures don't lie." - Patrick Horgan

"I don't know what it is you do to get people's souls onto their faces, but whatever it is, keep doing it."
-- Mike Reeves-McMillan, http://csidemedia.com/gryphonclerks/

Unique Perspective, Incredible work
"H is the most unique and artistic photographer I have ever worked with! Her vision and passion enable her to capture the unique, the offbeat, the person behind the photo, and create something that other people can't - which is a breathtaking look behind the veil and right into a person's soul. Their individuality, their laughter, their own personal twinkle of mischief...She captures it all, with fun professionalism, resulting in art that will last you a lifetime."
-- Ansley K., Train and Flourish

Professional, Fun, and Excellent Results
"Working with H at Punk Rock Photography was fun!
I wasn't looking forward to it at all because I generally dread being in front of a camera. In addition to not usually being happy with how I look, I'm weird and awkward and uncomfortable.  H, though, was relaxed, and helped me feel less awkward, but encouraged the weirdness -- after all, being weird is what makes us individuals, right? She visited my town for the shoot, so we didn't have a pre-scouted location and it turned out that walking around and chatting helped me relax. The final photos were much better than I expected them to be, and not just because she captured me at the right moments -- each one was carefully composed -- there were no strange background problems making me look like a tree was growing out of my head, or like I had an extra arm.
Each photo was like a story or a poem in its completeness.  I will hire H again in the near future."
 -- Dava S., Smiling Tree Writing

"I've had many photoshoots: some professional head shots, some art, some for fun. And even though every shoot I've ever done was with someone who had known me for years, my favorite all-time shoot will always be the one with H. Not only did we get some great professional photos for me, but we created some beautiful art and had a lot of fun. I enjoyed my entire day with H. I can't wait to do another shoot with her." -- Adriel Wiggins, http://adrielwiggins.com/

"H.N. James captures the simplicity and candor of a genuine moment. Her photography is open but expressive and respectful of place and space. She is a joy to work with on both sides of the lens. And while you do, you should ask her about music." -- Rick Wayne, rickwayne.com/

"H of Punk Rock Photography spent almost a whole day with me taking shots for my debut EP cover. She was able to capture the very natural emotion I was going for in my session. I was very pleased with the results and was able to use the photos that she took for both the front and back covers. It felt like I was spending the day with a friend. She encouraged me as a nervous novice model to just be myself, and she and the make up artist took care of the rest! She was patient, respectful, caring and very encouraging. Her work was returned to me in a timely fashion, and scheduling with her was easy as well despite the slight distance between us. I highly recommend her to any musicians seeking unique promotional photographs and a positive photography session experience." -- Cara Lippman, Cara Being Blue