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Jan 08, 2018
Man, they taught me to talk /Then told me to shut up

It's the second Monday of 2018, and I found myself rather busy with a photography job last Monday so this blog launches today. Woot! Jump around!

For a while now, I've been posting a guitar-heavy song to G+ on Mondays under the hashtage #guitarmonday. I've decided to continue that here on my Punk Rock Photography blog, The Light Pours Out of Me.

You'll see a lot of music here, and photographs (well, duh). I'll probably talk about other stuff too. If you think I should talk about something in particular, drop me a comment here or an email at punkrockphotographer@gmail.com. I don't promise to do what you say, though. You've had fair warning.

And enjoy a little Beach Slang for #guitarmonday.