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The Light Pours Out Of Me

It's the Song I Hate

Another #guitarmonday is here, and today's offering was released in 1992. It could as easily have been released today because it's still relevant. Not as much has changed in 25 years as we'd like to think. Today we celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day in the United States, and it's a great time to read (or re-read) Letter From a Birmingham Jail

So, Sonic Youth!

Speaking of sonic youth and youth against fascism, let me show you one of my favorite young punks, Zuzu. I photographed her at a skate park a couple of summers ago. I used to dj with her Dad, Matt, and you can check out his band Caustic on Bandcamp.

If you've got little punks you want photographed, hit me up!

Frequently Asked Questions #1

It's frickin' cold here in Tennessee, and we had what passes for a snowstorm in these parts in the past two days. So while I'm hunkered down at home here's a song for you that's all about this. Or maybe it isn't.

In this first installment of Frequently Asked Questions about Punk Rock Photography, I am not starting with the MOST frequently asked question. I'm saving that one. So here's the second most frequently asked question:

So, you photograph punks, then? 

(or a variation)

I went to your website and didn't see any photographs of punks?

Welp. Yes, I do photograph punks, but they are elusive in the wild. I do not ONLY photograph punks. It is important work, photographing punks, and they come in many variations. Punk Rock Photography refers to my approach to photography - DIY, raw, honest. Sometimes that features what the mainstream associates with "punk", sometimes it does not.  Punk is not just mohawks, ripped clothes, & safety pins. As Joey Ramone once said, "All punk is attitude. That's what makes it. The attitude."

I photograph musicians when commissioned to do so, and I would  like to do more of that. See my page Blitzkrig Bop for examples, here: Blitzkrieg Bop.

Regarding the variant question: well,  I am the punk in Punk Rock Photography. And here's a photo of my punk friend Liz for good measure.

Man, they taught me to talk /Then told me to shut up

It's the second Monday of 2018, and I found myself rather busy with a photography job last Monday so this blog launches today. Woot! Jump around!

For a while now, I've been posting a guitar-heavy song to G+ on Mondays under the hashtage #guitarmonday. I've decided to continue that here on my Punk Rock Photography blog, The Light Pours Out of Me.

You'll see a lot of music here, and photographs (well, duh). I'll probably talk about other stuff too. If you think I should talk about something in particular, drop me a comment here or an email at punkrockphotographer@gmail.com. I don't promise to do what you say, though. You've had fair warning.

And enjoy a little Beach Slang for #guitarmonday.